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More Information!

Any additional services or custom design beyond what is included in the packages will be billed at an hourly rate.

Text for a web page is the equivalent of one side of an 81/2" x 11" sheet of paper.

The price for the web packages require that all text files are provided by the customer in a computer-ready text format.  Any typing or converting of text we have to do will result in additional charges.

The price for the web packages require that all special image files that are provided by the customer are in either .gif or .jpeg format.  We have thousands of graphic images available and those are included in the packages.  Company logos should be either computer-ready or camera-ready.

Form pages are $250 a page and include 15 form fields.  Additional form fields are priced separately.  This includes emailing the form data.

We can provide a list service company if you plan to send out an ezine or newsletter.  The cost of the list service company is not included in the package plans.

We can provide blogs, and various other types of website environments at an additional cost.

Maintaining Your Site:

In order to keep your audience coming back to your web site you will want to keep your site current. Most experts agree that you should update your information at least once a month. This can be an hourly charge or a special monthly fee can be negotiated.

Marketing Your Site:

Once your web site has been posted to the World Wide Web it is very important to remember that you must market your site.  Your web address should be on all your business cards, brochures, invoices, stationary, etc.  You should send out an email to all of your friends, business associates, customers and family, notifying them that your site is available.

Domain Name Registration

We will search for the name you prefer for your site. If it is available we will secure the name and register you as the owner of that name on the Internet. Registering your name is not part of the package plans shown since you own the name and have the right to move, transfer or cancel it.


Upon receipt of your initial payment (1/2 the cost of your package) and all the documentation to be included on your site, we will begin the design work. In 14 days or less, the site will be ready for your approval. Any major changes in the design will be considered outside the package plan and will be billed at our hourly rate. After you approve your site for final publishing, the balance of your payment is due. When we receive the final payment we will publish your site, apply for your domain name and register your site with the search engines. We will also do some behind the scenes work to insure that your site loads as quickly as possible and that all links are working properly.